I’m On A Horror Kick Lately

On a horror kick

After next week’s review, I promise this will be the last time I mention The Sinking City.  Probably.  The game and its Lovecraft influences have gotten me on a horror kick though.  As a result, I thought I’d share what other interests it’s rekindled for me.  I’m not a huge horror person in general, but I dabble on semi-regular occasion.  Here’s some other stuff in the genre that I’m consuming or hope to consume in the near future.

H.P. Lovecraft short stories

I don’t think you can be any kind of horror fan and not at least give Lovecraft a try.  His stories are unlike anything else I’ve read.  They’re scary but not in a jump scare kind of way.  You’ll just find yourself slowly sinking into the couch as you read, immersing yourself further and further with each page.  At a certain point you have complete tunnel vision and you’re there, inside the setting and often, the mind of the narrator.

I’ve read a lot of his stories before across three Lovecraft collections that I own.  It’s fun to debate whether to revisit something old or try a new one though.  I have all three paperbacks on my night stand and will be picking them up off and on for the foreseeable future.

If you’re interested, I think the best collection to start with would be Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror & The Macabre.  I think it has a good collection of “greatest hits” stories that you’ll want to read or have likely heard of before.  There are seemingly countless Lovecraft compilations though.  Any of them will do the job.

Resident Evil 2 remake

Resident Evil 2 remakeI bought this game at release and love the hell out of it.  The problem is that I made some mistakes early on, restarted, and then life happened.  I’ve yet to go back to it, but I really need to.  Like, even more so than all the other games I say that about.  The RE2 remake is just stunning.  The visuals are amazing and the gameplay is upgraded in a sensible manner.  Instead of overhauling everything, the game still feels like the original, just highly playable in 2019.

I actually owned the original on the PS1 but never got very far.  I’m not sure why, because I really enjoyed the game.  Maybe something else came along.  At any rate, I’m determined to not let the remake suffer the same fate.

Resident Evil: Code: Veronica

Resident Evil: Code VeronicaI mentioned the Cane and Rinse podcast in my last vlog.  One of the episodes I’ve listened to recently was their deep dive into RE: Code: Veronica.  It successfully stirred up my nostalgia and general love for the game.

I may be biased since, at the time, I was so excited for a Dreamcast-exclusive RE game.  The franchise felt like a PlayStation IP through and through up until that point.  As a big Sega fan, it was a huge win for my favorite console manufacturer.  Regardless of all that, I think the game is great and somewhat underrated.  I believe it to be in the running for the best RE from the old school era.

I’m not really sure why the game gets what I feel is a short shrift from the gaming community.  Most people seem to view it as an afterthought though.  Maybe because it’s not a numbered game in the series?  I can’t figure it out, because it plays just like all the other RE games from the time period.  In my view it’s also the only one that has a story that’s actually worth a damn.  The plot goes well beyond the somewhat campy horror schlock that the series is known for.  It’s got that too, believe me, but there’s way more here.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to this one frankly, but I’ve got my Dreamcast copy ready to roll at a moment’s notice, so hopefully I give it another playthrough.  From what I can tell, I might be remembering this game in a much better light than it should.  Would be fun to find out if that’s the case though.

Doom (2016)

Doom 2016

I played and beat Doom just after release and loved it as much as the next person.  It’s fast, visceral, and a good blend of old and new.  Games don’t have to be so complicated, and here is a great example.  Move and shoot as fast as you can, all to the tune of a great soundtrack.

After my first playthrough I cranked it up to Hard mode but couldn’t be bothered.  Normal is fine for me here, and I imagine that’s what I’ll do upon revisiting the game.

The Turn of the Screw

I know very little about this book.  I know that it’s old (1898) and is supposed to be really scary.  Supposedly, it’s one of the best ghost stories of all time.  I’m going into it mostly blind and I hope it’s aged well.  I’m a bit skeptical of that, but it’s only about 100 pages so I have little to lose.  By the way, you can get many classics like this in the form of Dover Thrift editions on Amazon.  They’re extremely cheap so I bought a few just to fill in future gaps where I have nothing in particular that I want to read.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7This game is scary as hell.  It’s probably a little late to mention that horror games scare me pretty good. Even the milder entries in the genre are pretty hard for me to get through.  RE7 was on another level though, at least for the handful of hours I played.  I was on edge the entire time.  Playing the game in an unfinished basement in only the glow of the television didn’t help.  A wandering cat of ours made it even worse, sneaking up on me when I was already freaked out.

I absolutely must play this again though, and complete it.  I think the fright in many horror games often subsides after you get over that initial few hours too.  Maybe that won’t be the case here, but I have to hope.  Really scary games are my kryptonite, I have to admit.  This one is the real deal though.  Just a quality horror game.  Gotta persevere!

My plan of attack

I’ll continue to read Lovecraft here and there, and after I finish The Sinking City, I’ll choose a game to start.  I think that will likely end up being the RE2 remake, as it’s the most recent one that I’ve played.  After that, we’ll see how much I’m still feeling the horror stuff.  I may latch on to something else that’s a bit more in my wheelhouse.  For now though, I want horror stuff despite my usual misgivings.

Do you have any horror games/books/comics that I should get into?  Are you on a horror kick yourself?  Let me know your suggestions!

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