When Life Gets in the Way of Blogging

To my own surprise, I’ve published over 30 articles since I began writing and building up this site.  I feel very good about all of them from a quality standpoint.  I was publishing one piece every week day, and it felt great.  All of the SEO, the clicks, the stats, all of it feels less important when you’re focused on cranking out content.  Like anything, blogging should be done because you enjoy it, and hopefully the other stuff follows.  If not, you’re still doing what you love.  For me, blogging is very stimulating in that I can be consistently creative and get my opinions out of my system and into the world.  When life gets in the way of blogging, it can be a huge hurdle though.

This week though, a good thing happened that also blew my writing schedule to hell.  We are currently fostering a second dog.  Our first dog has a longstanding relationship with us and our house.  Needless to say, there would be an adjustment period.  I found out pretty early on that that would be quite an understatement.

Dog Days

None of this is meant to imply that our new dog is a pain or generally poorly-behaved.  He’s almost the opposite of that.  He’s gentle, mostly chill, and pretty quiet.  However, two things beyond anyone’s control are that he is bigger than we are used to and that he is young (9 months).  He loves bounding around the house and playing with our slightly older but much tinier dog.  He can accidentally get a little rough, and he doesn’t tire out nearly as quick as she does, so he ends up chasing her while all she wants is a break.

Our aforementioned tiny dog is being pretty territorial as well.  The new guy doesn’t know any better than to drink from her bowl, play with her toys, and generally “invade” her space simply by existing in our house.  This causes her to get nasty, which she’s pretty much never been before in her entire life.  In summary, it’s created a ton of work for myself and my wife.

What This Means

First, my apologies for briefly making this a dog blog.  This is a perfect example of a time when life gets in the way of blogging, so I thought it’d be therapeutic for myself and informative for you.  I want to keep a consistent schedule and I knew challenges might arise, but this was more of a challenge than I expected.  It’s a good curve ball, but a curve ball nonetheless, so the blog is affected.

What I hope to do in the future is learn from this and allow it to help me figure out ways to work around times like this and still post content.  Evergreen content and stashing such articles for later are good methods.  This site is too new for me to have a bunch of “backup” content, but I’ll try to have some in the future when times like this occur.  I know they will because they do for everybody.

In the mean time, we are enjoying our new foster dog while at the same time giving him some training that, unfortunately, his previous owners didn’t give him.  Things should ramp up again very, very soon though.  For now, enjoy yourselves out there and check back later this week!

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