Hello and I hope this obligatory About page finds you well.  Broadnerd’s goal is showing love to a smattering of media and topics and not one particular niche.  If you play video games, read comics or manga, love science fiction, or watch movies, chances are your interests aren’t limited to just one of those things.  In addition, these interests probably intermingle with each other or even fade and then come back over time.  That’s what Broadnerd is about.

Of course, the idea isn’t to cover all of these enormous categories in full.  It’s to connect with people like you over a nice ballpark list of things we love, and I hope to trade new suggestions with you as well!  Broadnerd is just a reflection of what one geek, otaku, nerd, fangirl or fanboy may be into at any given time.  In this case, that person just happens to be me.  Enjoy 🙂